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Hi! My name is Fitz Villafuerte.

I’m a Registered Financial Planner and a regular guest in ANC On The Money. Below is a screen capture of my very first guesting on the show back in 2012. It was an episode where I shared “My Money Story” and how I became a millionaire.

My very first TV guesting in ANC On The Money back in 2012.

My very first TV guesting in ANC On The Money back in 2012.

Back then, I was just a blogger who writes an online journal about financial freedom. I felt really lucky that one of the show’s producers stumbled upon my blog and decided that I’m worthy to be a guest on the TV show.

After the interview, and when my friends saw the episode on TV, they all asked me for help on how they can also learn about investing.

I told them I learned through reading books, and then I gave them the list of those that I read and found helpful – books that was written by Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, Dave Ramsey, Warren Buffet and many other bestsellers.

After a few months, most of my friends came back to me and said that they found those books very educational, but they don’t know how to apply their learnings in the Philippine setting.

For example, Dave Ramsey advised in his book that you should maximize your 401K contributions because it’s a great investment. My friends scratched their heads because there’s no 401K in the Philippines, that’s only for Americans!

Why I became an RFP

I love learning, and I really took the time to study the many different types of investments in the Philippines.

But everything I know about investing, I only learned through self-study and experience. I had no formal training on it.

I thought that if I wanted to really help other Filipinos, and not just my friends, on how to become investors, then I should update my knowledge and avail of proper financial education.

And this is why I decided to enroll in the P21,000 RFP Program and worked on becoming a certified Registered Financial Planner.

I believed that by becoming an RFP, I will expand my knowledge about investment planning, and I can help other people much better, especially on how to create an investment portfolio that’s applicable for Filipinos.

When I officially became a Registered Financial Planner, ANC On The Money invited me again to be a guest in the show. This time, as a resource person about wealth management.

That TV appearance was followed by another invitation, and other channels and TV shows also began inviting me to be their guests!

RFP and author, Fitz Villafuerte, during his guesting in ANC On The Money

My latest TV guesting in ANC On The Money

If there was one important thing I learned through those times, it’s that a lot of Filipinos have no idea where and how to start investing.

Pinoys want to invest in the stock market, in mutual funds, in real estate – but they don’t know the first steps to take.

And this is the reason why I decided to write a book about investing that caters to Filipinos and one that gives exactly a practical, step-by-step guide.

You’re not alone

Do you want to invest but don’t know how to start? Are you confused about bonds, the stock market, mutual funds and other types of investments? Are you afraid to lose your hard-earned money to scams?

You’re not alone.

My book, the Ready To Be Rich Guide To Investing is written specifically to help you learn how to invest effectively and achieve your financial goals.

One chapter at a time, it will teach you the concrete steps you must take to grow your wealth and become financially free.

Left: Mr. Stock Smarts, Marvin Germo Right: Real Estate Investor, Carl Dy

Left: Mr. Stock Smarts and Registered Financial Planner, Marvin Germo
Right: Real Estate Investor and Property Investing Guru, Carl Dy

Written to help you learn, but more importantly – ACT

The book has 10 Chapters, with personal stories, lessons and real-life examples that will help answer your biggest questions about investing, such as:

  • Do I need to have lots of money to become an investor?
  • How do I know if I’m ready to invest?
  • I’m just an employee, where will I get the money to invest?
  • What are the best investments out there today?
  • How do bonds, the stock market, and mutual funds work?
  • How do you make money from these investments?
  • How do I build, diversify and manage my own investment portfolio?
  • How can investments help me buy my dream house?
  • Where should I invest to secure the educational needs of my child?
  • How much money should I invest for my retirement?
Left: The Global Filipino Investors Founder, Floi Wycoco Right: IMG Wealth Academy EVC, Drs. Jo and Jaime Lorenzo

Left: The Global Filipino Investors Founder, Floi Wycoco
Right: IMG Wealth Academy EVC, Drs. Jo and Jaime Lorenzo

Perfect for people with zero knowledge about investing

This book is not just a compilation of articles about investing. It’s also a personal workbook with easy-to-understand lessons that will transform you into a savvy investor in no time.

It’s packed with information written specifically for people who are afraid to invest, and lost on where and how to start investing.

It’s more than just an inspirational book, it’s a step-by-step guide

After reading this book, you will have no more excuses that you don’t know how and where to invest. This book will specifically teach you:

  • The 3 D’s of personal finance that creates a successful investor’s mindset
  • The 3 concrete steps to financial freedom (yes, there are only 3 steps!)
  • The 1 and only definition of an investment that you should care about
  • The 5 steps you must do to avoid the number 1 mistake that investors commit
  • The 5 characteristics of an investment that forms the foundation of all major investing decisions
  • The 9 types of investments that will help you become rich
  • The 1 and only investing strategy I use that has helped me achieve my financial goals year after year
  • … and much more
Left: Registered Financial Planner Institute Philippines Director, Randell Tiongson Right: Trading Edge Consultancy Founder, Ron Acoba

Left: Registered Financial Planner Institute Philippines Director, Randell Tiongson
Right: Trading Edge Consultancy Founder and Stock Market Expert, Ron Acoba

As you can see in the photos above, a good number of top financial experts in the country today have shown their support for my book.

And I hope you can also show your support by getting your very own copy today.

Think about it, you can choose to treat yourself to a buffet lunch or spend a couple of hours at the spa, and feel good for a day or two.

But spend that same cost to buy this book and you’ll learn how to grow your wealth, retire comfortably, and feel good for many years upon achieving your financial goals.

Isn’t that a better deal? So I hope you make the right choice today.

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